Favara, Italy

Alberonero x Farm Cultural Park project is an explosion of colors flying towards the sky.

120 square meters covered with porcelain stoneware shining in the headquarters of the Farm; a fragmentation of 30 colors that evolves, collides, mixes and then gets lost in the white giving elegance and lightness to the building. The succession of different points of view creates a new vision of the architecture generated by the loss of the limits of the existing walls. The optical effects produced by the polished surface of the porcelain, multiply the perception of lights and shadows on the building, enhancing its different forms.
The mathematics of the compositions arise in the observer's mixed perceptions of each individual color, based on the sequence on the walls. Soaring is a gift; it is a surge of color but also of emotions, lightness and optimism. Soaring is an omen. To rise and gain altitude, to reach the summit.

Photo ©Nadia Castronovo ©Fabio Di Benedetto