Monte Immagine
Vallo di Nera, Italy

The temporary installation Monte Immagine consists of five installations within a single clearing made up of natural materials found in the local woods - such as tree trunks and branches - resins and colored fabrics that interpenetrate with the physical and atmospheric elements of the surrounding landscape. All the works use trees as pillars: raw materials that, in each installation, experience the site through different suggestions. 

The environmental installation is born from Alberonero's urge to "practice the landscape" of Vallo di Nera through a path of exploration and investigation of the natural elements and their relationship with the human being, while finding invisible places and symbols in the village. Precisely the experience in the area and the sudden weather changes prompted the artist to look at the continuous but variable presence of the clouds, and pushed him to insert the works in the void they occupy, intended as a space that could host them. 

Monte Immagine was presented in Central Italy’s Vallo di Nera area, as part of C.U.R.A. - Umbrian Center of Artistic Residences. The residence of the artist has been developed in collaboration with STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO.

Photo ©Roberto Conte