Siete acciones para trece personas
Havana, Cuba

Personalise the architecture, now it's time to play. Let's go to the big dome of the circus and find a position. From there watch me and we'll start. When the exercise is over, then everyone will start. Each one will have to propose to the others a game between the body and the architecture. Let's find a position. Let's shout our names. Let's sign each others. Let's all look up there and move slowly. Let's go down to the centre. Let's make a circle and hold hands. Betty, Christian, Denice, Diosmanis, Ezequiel, Gabriela, Héctor, Leandro, Lorna, Mariam, Melani, Miguel, Tony.

Workshop "Tierra imaginaria", produced in collaboration with ISA (Universidad de las Artes) and Taller Chullima in Havana.

Foto © Samael Covarrubias

Video © Samael Covarrubias