In-Land. How to become a place
Lessac, France

Monica, Vero, Virgi, Nadia, Anton, Sophie, Blandine, Samuele, Yara, Ines, Erik, Luca. The dawn, the night, the stars, and the whole sky in one room. Us between a horizon of trees, dry grass, sheep shit. Our bamboo house is built in a big, wild, hidden field. In-Land is about building a collective architecture in the ground, unleashing relationships between us, between us and the place, and between us and others. This workshop is a gift, an action to be together, a tribute to playing, a place to experiment with the most disparate things and then unite them in a new imaginative grammar. How to become a place is a response, it is a daily practice that seeks new ways of inhabiting and designing space. Domain de Boisbuchet, 2022.

Photo © Samael Covarrubias

Photo © Bensu Karamustafa

Video © Samael Covarrubias