Imaginary panorama
Deauville, France

Panorama imaginaire is an installation realised for the Planches Contact festival in Deauville in Normandy; a temporary pavilion, a mirage of a few months, a reality to be inhabited located in the heart of Deauville and Trouville. The installation located on the embarcadère, next to the dikes that regulate the tide, is an expression of popular tradition, slowing down everyday life through the perception of an invented place. The work is a panorama, depicting a distant landscape, evoking a distant plain, a suspended space created by the sequence of large photographs printed on semi-transparent fabrics that mix local reality with places dear to the artist. The architecture is dressed with objects and elements belonging to the sea community, to the fishing tradition, trawls, metal nets, buoys, work tools are arranged on the architecture to symbolise collective practices. All the materials belong to local families, paused, unused things are collected to form an abacus of reuse, through an objet trouvé exercise carried out during the residency. Poetic thoughts painted on building nets tell the story of the architecture. The presence of benches allows the pause and contemplation of the space.

Photo © Niccolò Hebel