Altro paesaggio
Mount Etna, Italy

A multi-day journey in the lava and wooded scenarios of Etna’s south side, close to the breath  of the mountain, in an effort to reveal the invisible perceptions of the place.
The creative process of the Etna volcano, its topography, the landscape and the elements shaping the location, offer the artist duos a suitable context for the formulation of a profound imaginary; it enhances, overlaps or dissolves in the environment in which it is immersed. 

Alberonero and Sirio Vanelli explore the surroundings in search of small occurrences; recording volatile pictures of a landscape that gradually reveals itself through moments of interaction and homages to the volcano. The season, the altitude, the time of day, the bearing of the clouds and wind are the parameters defining the study that determined the artist’s element, the workflow and the scenarios proposed by the photographer. Perceptual distortion devices, transparencies, mimesis, modulations of light and the material use of hues and colors, inspire the design of ephemeral and temporary installations, making primordial elements such as ice, earth and smoke the protagonists. Traces of this research, carried out by studying the place with both a scientific and perceptive approach converge in the imaginary revealed within Ritmo from 10 September to 10 November 2017.

Photo ©Sirio Vanelli ©Galleria Ritmo