Pane per Pane
Londa, Italia

Caro Pane, I give to you you give to me. Exchange is action, waiting for you, looking at the window in the morning, kneading, breathing, together, I touch you. Pane you are person, you are place, Londa and Castagneto. Caro Pane, I wait for you looking out the window in the morning, the window where if you look up there is a walnut tree. I look out, and I feel, that in a little while you will come, you are rising, maybe you come flying, but what do I know, as Matthew says: it's normal. Now that you Bread are exchange, you are our friend, kind, brave, you walk with us in the woods. Caro Pane I wait for you and I know you will help me know people place from hands that take space and eyes that carry you. This time of mine is here with you, at the waterfall, with Simone, Martina, Ale, Marco, Fabio, Giulia, Massimo, Maria, Mara, Marcella, Marzia, Giovanna and many other Loaves like you. Pane per Pane, man for man, woman for woman, we are all here, we loaves of the forest whispering that we are the places we seek, that we do not know but imagine. Now, you, loaves protagonists of this my waiting you know it's time to celebrate, you are a gift, you are Londa and Castagneto in Rincine a Sunday in early September.