Sanremo, Italy

Doccia is a temporary pavilion signed by the collaboration between Luca Boffi (Alberonero) and Jacopo Valentini. The two authors cross techniques and knowledge to create a changeable environment that breaks with the context where the senses can be overturned. A relationship is produced between the built environment of the eighteenth-century Forte Santa Tecla and the natural appearance of the image chosen for the work's interior. It can be fully experienced by entering inside the structure. The conception of the structure derives from an elementary design reduced to the minimum. Its shape is given by the intersection of a parallelepiped and a cylinder, separating the inside from the outside. The materials used are iron and fabric. The image becomes imaginary. The aim is to alter the viewer's perception by transporting him to a new, unreal place where the connection with the previous one is made possible by a vertical link between the floor and the sky.


Photo © Jacopo Valentini