Di là dal paesaggio
Sanremo, Italy

"At the center of Di là dal paesaggio is first and foremost the interaction, naked and symbiotic, of two artists with the places of their everyday life and memory. Starting from two opposing practices of creation - installation and performance on the one hand, photography on the other - Luca Boffi and Jacopo Valentini are united by having made landscape the main subject of their investigations, but also by an idea of landscape as a place that is both real and fictitious, exterior and interior, physical and metaphysical, in which the artist must, in order to find himself, first of all get lost. In other words, an idea of landscape that coincides with that of disorientation. Through essential elements and materials - bare volcanic lands, ranks of trees and rocks in Jacopo Valentini; grass, clay and bark in Luca Boffi - the exhibition aims to recompose a landscape grammar stripped of ornaments or particular compositional artifices, which proceeds by thickening - as in Boffi's sculptures - and rarefactions - as in Valentini's views - until it symbolically meets in Doccia, an immersive installation created by both artists in four hands." Vittorio Parisi

Foto © Jacopo Valentini